Dr. Jared McCollum, owner of Healing Elements Acupuncture Clinic in Okotoks, is offers a two-day and 6 week course on using the five elements of Oriental Medicine to let go of physical and emotional excess, including harmful stress, extreme emotion, unwanted habits and behaviours, excess weight, and unbalanced energy.


In this course you will learn which of the five element personality archetypes you are, the physical and emotional connection to that element, and how to use these insights to benefit your health and your relationships. This course combines meditation, Qi Gong, acupressure, diet therapy and the keys to nirvana to provide a lifelong guide to heal your body, mind and spirit.


Dates: Please contact clinic for up coming dates.

Place: Qi Loft -next to clinic

Cost: $250


Call Healing Elements to register 403-982-4325