First Visit

What to expect during your visit:

Initial AppointmentwhatToExpect

Your first acupuncture appointment will usually last about 60+ minutes.
We begin with an in-depth conversation about your health concerns, past health history, lifestyle, goals for treatment, and any questions you may have about Chinese medicine and the treatment process. This conversation is an important part of the diagnostic process, and allows Dr. McCollum to get to know you and understand how best to address your health concerns.

Then he will carry out an Acugraph exam. By measuring the electro-conductivity of the skin over specific acupunture points he can determine the energy (Qi) levels in each meridian and their corresponding organs. These numbers are then inputed and graphed by the computer to show the imbalances with in the system that are causing your symptoms. Dr. McCollum will explain how it corresponds to your condition and how he will use acupuncture to regain homeostasis and balance with in your body so once again you are able to naturally heal on your own.
You will be asked to show your tongue—the structure, colour, and coating of your tongue provides information about your physical health.

Treatment will follow the diagnostic process.

If possible, please try to wear comfortable clothing for your appointment. Depending on your treatment needs, you may often remain fully clothed during your treatment.
Please eat sensibly and avoid caffeine a few hours before your appointment. It is best to be neither hungry nor extremely full during your treatment.
Treatments can vary greatly, depending upon your individual needs and considerations. In addition to acupuncture, your treatment may include cupping, gua sha, tui na, and electrical needle stimulation.
Once acupuncture needles have been inserted into appropriate points in your body, Dr. McCollum will usually leave you to relax in your serene treatment room for up to 20 minutes, allowing the needles sufficient time to influence your body’s qi (pronounced chee). Most people look forward to this opportunity to relax during an otherwise hectic day and generally feel refreshed afterwards.

Follow-up Visits

Follow-up visits typically last about 45 minutes. Follow-up visits also begin with a conversation, physical examination, and tongue and pulse palpation, focusing primarily on progress and changes in your condition as well as any new concerns.
Your individual needs determine how often, and for how long, you will need to receive treatment. Generally, treatments are given twice a week to begin with then once a week. As your condition improves, and your symptoms are alleviated, the frequency of your treatments may be slowly reduced – to every other week, monthly or even seasonally.